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Welcome here. talentspotting is dgtall's iconjournal. Here you can also find wallpapers and fanmixes I make. Hope you enjoy graphics and remember the rules:
- comment
- credit
- don't edit

These are simple rules that can make me happy if you follow them)

I'm very movie-obsessed so fandoms are very different but I'll try to name some so ye be warned)

Men: Ben Whishaw, Paul Bettany, Johnny Depp, Ioan Gruffudd, Mads Mikkelsen, Christian Bale,Edward Norton, James McAvoy, Ewan McGregor, Matthew Fox, Jack Davenport, Hugh Jackman, Jeremy Irons

Women: Monica Belucci, Vanessa Paradis, Eva Green, Natalie Portman

Movies: Arizona Dream, Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings, Dogville, V for Vendetta, Das Parfum, The Illusionist, Don Juan de Marco, Tim Burton movies, Finding Neverland

TV: LOST, House

Books, nature and other obsessions: Hamlet, Das Parfum, Big Fish, horses, guinea pigs, wolves, other canines, rain, trees, water, mist.

If you're looking for something specific - look through the tags. (some of entries are by Damnbox with whom I used to share this journal, keep it in mind ;))

If you have any suggestions - here's the suggestion box, I'll be glad to see your comment there.

my resourse page can be found here

layout codes by minty_peach, header by me

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if you want to be one just leave your comment right here {icon and graphic journals only}

Social capital

  • less than 10